At COSTUME CODE, you can find positive initiatives related to social responsibility, eco-friendliness and “slow fashion”. These initiatives are important for us, because they express our respect for people and planet. Of course, we are not there yet, but we will try to keep improving J.


  • At the foundation, we like the healthy concept that we only make clothing when there is a need for this. When you order your clothing in our company, it means that only the required natural resources are used, there is no unnecessary harmful overproduction and the impact on the environment is limited.

  • We have a collaboration with World Wildlife Fund Russia (WWF Russia) to compensate for our CO2 emissions by preserving Russian forests. One of the goals of COSTUME CODE is to make our clothing in a C02 neutral way, so with a minimum carbon footprint. For the production and transport of clothing, energy is required, and CO2 is released. One of the best ways to offset these CO2 emissions is through planting and preserving trees. Because of this, we make a donation to WWF Russia for every clothing item that we make, and this donation will go directly to the preservation and development of Russian forests. For more info see:

  • We work with highly reputable, European ateliers and fabric mills (most of them ISO certified), ensuring the correct treatment of the environment and respectful working conditions. For example:​

  • We aim to stimulate mindful consumption of clothing with positive communication on “slow fashion”, “quality over quantity” and “attention to details”. For more info see:​

  • We like the use of “responsible innovation” to make the process of personal tailoring more efficient and attractive (such as innovative Made-to-Measure systems, our online shirt configurator, etc).

  • We try to limit our impact on the environment by using eco-friendly materials where possible.

  • We are happy to extend the life of our suits and shirts, by making alterations to them for you, by making new collars/cuffs for your shirts, etc.

  • We kindly invite you to bring back to us your suits and shirts at the end of their use, and we will make sure the materials are properly recycled.

  • We have created a separate retail store that is specialized in sustainable casual clothing (jeans, sneakers, sweaters, knitwear, etc). The name of this store is Fair Labels. At Fair Labels, we only work with fashion brands that specifically focus on sustainability, eco-friendly materials, conscious production, fair labor conditions, and slow fashion. For more info see: .