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This is our story. Why, how and what.


COSTUME CODE was founded in 2010 by Ekaterina Lopatkina (Russian) and Paul Commandeur (Dutch). At that moment, the market for personally tailored suits and shirts in Moscow was not very well developed. Prices could be relatively high and quality could be relatively low. Also, tailored garments could be a bit old-fashioned in terms of style. Ekaterina and Paul decided to start COSTUME CODE with the idea to bring something new and fresh to Moscow. The concept: personal tailoring, nice prices, nice quality, nice style, nice store locations, nice service, etc.


The name COSTUME CODE was selected to make an interesting connection with «dress code». For us, personal tailoring is all about knowing the dress code rules and playing with them. In terms of the personalities of the founders, the name also has significance. Ekaterina was mostly responsible for the «COSTUME» part (style, fashion, creativity). Paul was mostly responsible for the «CODE» part (rules, dress code, background in Investment Banking). From a more philosophical point of view, the COSTUME CODE brand name represents a combination of opposing and complementing forces. Luckily for us, the friction from those different forces seems to be beneficial. According to Confucius: «The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials».


Since 2010, the COSTUME CODE project has developed quite nicely. Naturally, as everything in life, also with many setbacks and difficulties. Or let’s maybe call them «many opportunities for growth»... :) . COSTUME CODE now has two stores in Moscow, and one franchise store in Surgut (with our highly valued franchise partner Dina Gabidullina). Our team of colleagues has expanded significantly, with skillful managers and tailors. In addition to personal tailoring, we are now also adding positive initiatives related to social responsibility, eco-friendliness and «slow fashion». 

More details on that topic you can find here.

The main idea: #сделаемвашмирпрекраснее

We hope that you are interested to be part of our story


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